OsX, you're talking to me ?

Just found a fun command on Mac Os X, named as “say”.

say converts what you give it as input, as an audible sound.

$ say "hello"

Combine it with pipes

$ date | say
$ fortune | say

Let it notify you when a job’s completed.

$ brew update && say 'Brew updated' &

say can

  • save the audible to a mp3 file
  • slow its speech rate
  • send it to a network port
  • use the voice/language you want. male/female/french/dutch…

All options are available with a $ man say

Examples :

With a french voice

$ say --voice Thomas "Bonjour je m'appelle Valère"

To know which voices are available on your system : $ say --voice ?, to install more voices, go to your system preferences.

The same, faster.

$ say --voice Thomas --rate=400 "Bonjour je m'appelle Valère"

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