Moving from Ghost to HUGO

I started to blog 11 years ago. The first blog system i used, was Dotclear, I moved to Wordpress few years after because of the large plugin and theme ressources available. Wordpress is a really good blog platform, but it updates itslef too often for me.

Few months ago, the blog moved to Ghost, a really minimalist blog system, based on nodejs. A KISS aproach to the blog, I falled in love. The only issue i had with Ghost was about the hosting dependencies, no hard to manage, but since i don’t master nodeJs, i spent too much hours to hack into.

I discovered HUGO. Hugo is a static blog generator, written with a language (GOLANG), i use everyday.

So, i moved from GHOST to HUGO hosted on Google App engine.

Ghost migration to Hugo

Ghost and Hugo share the same markdown notation for posts content. The fist thing to do : extract posts from Ghost db (sqlite) to individual .md files and move them to HUGO/content/post/ folder.

The code I used to achieve this is here : GHOST_TO_HUGO.php

Next step, move GHOST/content directory to HUGO/static directory. This way all references like images keep working.

Migration completed !


The default theme on ghost was perfect for my blog, but unavailable on HUGO… So i ported the casper theme from GHOST to HUGO, you can find it here : hugo-theme-casper


Google App Engine

I put my GAE configuration file app.yaml into the HUGO/static directory, to see it pushed when hugo generate the static site.

To publish it online, i run the script to

  • stage/commit/push contents changes to my git repo
  • deploy the public directory to Google App Engine
$ ./

This Blog is now Proudly published with HUGO, with a Casper theme and hosted on Google App Engine.


You can publish your site to, see documentation here : Hosting on GitHub Pages

Source code

All source code from for this blog, app.yaml,, content and theme are on github :

Joseph A. Bondy

Joseph A. Bondy is a criminal defense and cannabis business attorney in Manhattan. A graduate of Columbia University and Brooklyn Law School, Mr. Bondy is admitted to practice in New York, the United States District Courts for the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Districts of New York, the District of Connecticut, the United States Courts of Appeal for the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Circuits, and the Supreme Court of the United States. Over the past twenty-four years, he has represented more than one thousand individuals at all stages of litigation, including dozens of federal and state cannabis clients.

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