Client Review, Cannabis Law, Investor Due Diligence Matter:

“Joe Bondy is a consummate professional and an expert in his field. I hired Joe to help me navigate an investment opportunity on a potential new hemp farm, located in Puerto Rico. He was able to get to the bottom of the feasibility assessment — from NYC — via phone within days. His expertise in his ability to assess the potential output versus liability for my investment was apparent from the second he came on board. Within 72 hours, Joe was able to get my initial deposit on the investment returned. I cannot thank him enough for his expertise and experience. Highly recommend.”–Paul S NYC

Client Review, Cannabis/ Hemp Law, CBD Processing License Matter:

“I would like to share a great experience working the The Law Offices of Joseph A. Bondy. Last year, New York State opened its Hemp CBD Processing & Manufacturing License application process, to file between Dec 3 - 27th. We decided to apply for the license of December 7th, and retained Mr. Bondy’s Office. Within two weeks, Mr. Bondy had assisted in gathering and coordinating all of our documentation and information for the state Department of Agriculture, and by December 20th our application was filed successfully. WOW amazing work in such a short period of time, with a great result in the end, thanks Joe.”

Client Review, Marijuana/ Hemp Law, CBD Processing License Matter:

“Our Group, Gaard Biopharma, Inc., hired Joe for our CBD Processing License application, as part of the Cannabis Research Program in New York State. He put his heart and soul into making sure everything was complete, and pristine before we applied. Needless to say, we were awarded one of only 15 licenses, out of 352 applicants! That’s a mere 4% of the amount of applicants that filed. As we set up our extraction facility, I am also using Mr. Bondy’s services for a couple of other projects relating to Cannabis. He is MY lawyer. Top shelf. If you want the best, Joe is the man.”

Client Review, Criminal Matter:

“My only regret is not finding Joseph sooner. After hiring and firing three attorneys in three-year-old case, I asked Joseph to take over. He exercised patience, demonstrated knowledge of important nuances, and importantly provided friendly support in a very stressful process. Unlike other attorneys who grew impatient with a drawn-out proceeding, he displayed commitment and conviction that ultimately resulted in a favorable disposition. I cannot thank him enough.”

Client Review, Juvenile Justice Matter:

“I was a juvenile entangled in the criminal justice system when I first met Mr. Bondy. I was neither in school nor sure about my future. Mr. Bondy inspired me to pursue an education, despite any perceived hurdles. His guidance and assistance were a critical aspect to my development as a responsible and accountable person. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Bondy. He is a great person, mentor, and friend.”

Client Review, Criminal Matter:

“Joe is not only a spectacular lawyer, he is a truly remarkable person. He took a very personal interest in my case, and was always genuinely concerned about my well being, my family, and my life both as it related to my charges and beyond. He saw me as a person, and wanted to know not just about the circumstances regarding my case, but about who I was, where I came from and where I wanted to go and helped me with more than just my case. Not only did he successfully and appropriately have my charges dismissed, he did it in an honest, genuine manner and has even kept in touch with me since. I have known many lawyers, most as friends and colleagues, but have never met one like Mr. Joe Bondy. You can’t find a better defense attorney in New York.”

Client Review, Criminal Matter:

“Joe Bondy is quite possibly the finest criminal defense attorney I have ever encountered, in any way, from any angle. Joe represented me in a way that I had always hoped, but never expected an attorney to, and provided me with a level of dignity, respect and humanity that the criminal justice process often robs from people. Not only was he a superb attorney, achieving literally the most ideal possible outcome from my situation, but he became a personal friend of both mine and my family in the process. Years after the conclusion of my case, I still maintain my contact with Joe on a personal level, and we ask about each others family, what’s new in our lives, etc. While Joe believed in me and believed me when almost no one else would, what’s most important is that Joe made me feel like he genuinely cared about what happened to me as a person and even a friend, not just a client. In an industry full of seedy, money grubbing, morally bankrupt people, Joe stands out as a true leader, an honest man, an expert in his field and someone who is far above and beyond any of his peers currently practicing criminal law anywhere in the United States. If you have an opportunity to have Joe Bondy represent you, consider it the privilege that it is, and hire him. You won’t regret it.”

Client Review, Criminal Matter:

“Joseph Bondy is one of the best lawyers in New York City. He is very knowledgeable at his job. This man is very intelligent, but most importantly, he is a humble lawyer. He is tremendously helpful and goes to great lengths to help the ones in need. He is well connected in the community, and is well experienced in his field. My family and I are very glad to have such a great lawyer. He has helped us tremendously. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.”

Client Review, Criminal Matter:

“Mr. Bondy, I am very fortunate to have you representing one of my closest family members. Mr. Bondy changed the life of someone close to me through his dedication, promptness, and hard work in this case. He is a considerate and honest lawyer. Without Joe, the situation would have had a bad ending. He went beyond the call of duty. I will never forget what you did for my family. Not only was Joe concerned about the case he was concerned about the whole family, constantly calling and keeping in touch with everybody. Joe is an exception. He coached me through the most difficult time. Joe has been the most pleasant and fair lawyer I have known. He provided a high level of proficiency and faithfulness throughout the case. Joe has just seen me through a case that was complicated, puzzling, and demanding. He was always kind, concerned, and empathetic. Joe always explained things clearly and patiently so we could make reasoned decisions and comprehend the possible consequences of those decisions. Saying thank you to Joe, it just seems so small for the manner in which he took the case. I would, and will highly recommend your firm to any of my relatives, or anyone else who may need outstanding legal representation. You are the best of the best attorneys you can find in New York.”